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StormCloudsGathering On Iran and Saudi Arabia

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Americans are planning to completely reformat what we call Ukraine today. First they will try to change the government, as well as the statehood itself. He mentioned that there are several options of how it will develop...
In fact, now we can see that the Americans are actually managing four local conflicts: the Middle East, the South China Sea, Ukraine and Europe which has to be persuaded to sign the so-called Trans-Atlantic pact. So, according to him the American cannot afford Ukraine as it is today. There are simply not enough resources. “You should never believe Americans when they say they can print as many dollars as they wish to”, said Knyazev. “If they could, they would have done it long ago.”
What Ukraine gets now is not direct investments. It is so called “money to keep the trousers up”, which means money to pay loans and social obligations. Nothing is invested in the Ukrainian production, therefore nothing develops and it only collapses. That’s why today the Americans do not have enough resources for Ukraine.
Knyazev said that there are two main groups in the US. The first one he calls “doves” and “hawks”, whose clans are tied to the transnational corporations (Transcons) and clans tied to the national elite – mostly representing the MIC (military industrial complex).
“How Transcon groups behave can be seen on the example of the company Coca Cola which drew the Crimea as a part of Russia on their maps.”
Then we have another group, “the Patriots”, who are a completely different story. Their production is fully tied to the US, because their main focus is to defend the American interests. So, now there are very serious tensions between the Transcons and the Patriots in the Ukraine. And it seems like there is only one thing they both agree upon. Both groups agree that it is impossible to leave Ukraine in its current state.
Therefore by early spring they are planning to create a conflict, the situation in Ukraine which will result in the elimination of the government.
According to Knyazev the Transcons and the Patriots are considering several options for the future arrangement of Ukraine. One of them is a division of the country into three parts.
The current regime in Central Ukraine will be replaced with the openly Nazi one.
At the moment two candidates to head it are being considered. Those are Biletsky (the founder of the battalion Azov and a MP) and Sadovoy (the mayor of Lvov and the leader of the party Samopomosch).
The region of Galicia is planned to go to Poland, Bukovina to Romania and Transcarpathia to Hungary. In these areas there are already present various foreign emissaries, political parties and even the private military companies (PMC), said Knyazev. The South-East will probably, under some conditions, pass under the protectorate of Russia. It is not for nothing that Kerry flies to Russia so often. The conditions are as follows: the Republics of Donbass are not to become a part of Russia but to receive the status of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
The complete implementation of this option is planned for the late summer of 2016, Knyazev said. And at the same time he put it out for the citizens of Ukraine to get ready for the fact that in the spring they will find themselves in a fire again. He warned for numerous provocations which will most likely take place and that situation will be thoroughly rocked.

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US has a plan if Ukraine collapses - Ischenko

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The Saudis Are the Genesis of Islamic Terror

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In recent weeks I have been increasingly unsatisfied by the general explanations about who is actually pulling the strings in the entire Middle East plot or, more precisely, plots, to the point of reexamining my earlier views on the role of Saudi Arabia. Since the June, 2015 surprise meeting in St Petersburg between Russian President Putin and Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman, the Saudi monarchy gave a carefully cultivated impression of rapprochement with former arch-enemy Russia, even discussing purchase of up to $10 billion in Russian military equipment and nuclear plants, and possible “face time” for Putin with the Saudi King Salman.
The long procession of Arab leaders going to Moscow and Sochi in recent months to meet President Putin gave the impression of a modern version of the walk to Canossa in1077 of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV to Pope Gregory VII at Canossa Castle, to beg revocation of Henry’s ex-communication. This time it looked like it was the Gulf Arab monarchs in the role of Henry IV, and Vladimir Putin in the role of the Pope. Or so it seemed. I at least believed that at the time. Like many global political events, that, too, was soaked in deception and lies.
What is now emerging, especially clear since the Turkish deliberate ambush of the Russian SU-24 jet inside Syrian airspace, is that Russia is not fighting a war against merely ISIS terrorists, nor against the ISIS backers in Turkey. Russia is taking on, perhaps unknowingly, a vastly more dangerous plot. Behind that plot is the hidden role of Saudi Arabia and its new monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, together with his son, the Defense Minister, Prince Salman.

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Russian Jet Shoot Down: What They're Not Telling You

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Salafism+CIA: The winning formula to destabilize Russia, the Middle East

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Live Journal from Syria

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EU and NATO Set to Destabilize Russia by Anti-Putin Propaganda Operation

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INFOWARS Nightly News: Lee Ann McAdoo Friday October 30 2015

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Will Russia and the U.S. end up fighting a proxy war in Syria?

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The recent surge in the supply of American-built weapons to the Syrian rebels determined to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad has sparked a heated discussion on whether this constitutes the gearing up of a “proxy war” between Washington and Moscow...
It is a known fact that the Sunni monarchies, staunch enemies of the Assad regime, have been supplying their Syrian protégées with TOW anti-tank guided missiles. According to sources from The New York Times, the CIA has a similar program of arming the Syrian opposition with TOWs, launched in 2013 and conducted through local intermediaries.
Recent reports claim that since the launch of Russia’s military operation against Islamic State (ISIS) the flow of TOWs, aimed at destroying Assad’s tanks, has increased. Dozens of video clips have been posted lately on the internet showcasing the efficiency of the American-made BGM-71 TOW with pictures of Assad’s burning tanks. This has allegedly cut short and brought to a standstill the recent offensive by the Syrian army.
This looks like a symbolic gain. But could it become a game-changer? According to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, who spoke to Troika Report, the rebels are now attempting to regain the initiative on the ground. Moreover,
“What might turn the tables is the theoretical supply to paramilitary formations of the Syrian opposition of Stinger anti-aircraft missile launchers. If Stingers are delivered to the battlefield, it would mean a full-fledged proxy war between the United States and Russia.”

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Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis Coalition

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USA Parliament (Intr) Foreign Minister and European Department for Security and Information Secretary General Ambassador Dr Haissam Bou Said exclusively confirms to VT that the Israeli Brigadier Yussi Elon Shahak captured by the Iraqi popular army confessed during the investigation that: “there is a strong cooperation between MOSSAD and ISIS top military commanders...Israeli advisors helping the Organization on laying out strategic and military plans, and guiding them in the battlefield
General Shahak was captured by Shiite militia and is still being held in Iraq. His captors are keeping DESI informed, a European security organization with close ties to VT. The article below is based on questions we submitted to his captors this morning. We also inquired as to the conditions under which he is being held.
The terrorist organization also has military consultants from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Saudi Arabia has so far provided ISIS with 30,000 vehicles, while Jordan rendered 4500 vehicles. Qatar and United Arab Emirates delivered funds for covering ISIS overall expenditure.
The planes belonging to the aforesaid countries are still landing in the Mosel airport, carrying military aid and fighters, especially via the Jordanian borders.

The Parliament and the DESI also confirm the Death of ISIS leader Abu Baker al Baghdadi, who received two bullets: one in the head and the other in the shoulder in a fire exchange. Two of his top aides were killed as well. It is believed that the CIA and MOSSAD are behind his death as he becomes a wasted commodity.
Furthermore, Eight ISIS top commanders were killed in “Haith” in an Iraqi airstrike after two weeks of surveillance by the Iraqi military service.
The report concluded that ISIS terrorist group recently arrested in Moscow came from Syria and Iraq through Ukraine. The perpetrators were planning to carry out subversive operations in railways and bus stations. The bombers are from Chechen, Caucasus, Iraqi, Syrian and Saudi nationalities.
Ukraine became the hotbed of embracing terrorist activities in complicity with Putin’s arch enemies who want to break up Russia and then absorb it in revenge of his military intervention in Syria.

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Zionist Kedmi: Russia's Syria success critical in Ukraine

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The former head of the Israeli intelligence service "Nativ" Jakob Kedmi in the beginning of Maidan, in a calm and witty manner, predicted what it would come to. And his guess was correct. What are his predictions now?
"If the plans of Moscow and Damascus are successfully implemented, it would increase Russia's prestige in Europe and in the world", — believes Kedmi. "And then any move of Russia to support Donbass would be more efficient and would be interpreted in a different way. After solving the Syrian problem, the problem of Donbass and the regime of Poroshenko would remain. Both Russia and Europe are hoping that this problem could be solved without military actions. How true it could be will depend on the internal situation in Ukraine".
Kedmi says that the weakness of Poroshenko’s regime is obvious. In Ukraine, as in Syria, there are similar armed gangs that try to destabilize the situation. Kedmi has outlines two scenarios of the Ukrainian crisis.
"Slow decay of the regime in Ukraine and the continuation of economic catastrophe would lead to internal changes and the change of power in the right direction, that is, the recognition of the two Donbass republics," — says the analyst. "The critical point will be the elections enshrined in the Minsk Agreement. Then the whole Europe would have to recognize Lugansk and Donetsk as legitimate political entities. This recognition would be followed by the destabilization of the Ukrainian regime, otherwise — the failure of Minsk".
"And the failure of Minsk seriously raises the possibility of military action", - says Kedmi.
"Considering a strong position of Russia in Syria, if there is progress there, it will reduce the desire of those who are behind the regime of Poroshenko to confront Russia’s support of Novorossia in Ukraine. This would definitely cool down their zeal. One way or another, but it is not in favor of Poroshenko and Maidan authorities. One wishes there would be no human toll".
"The situation might not be changing as fast as the residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Odessa would like, but it is going in the right direction", - says Kedmi.

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Has Russia Declared A “No-Float Zone” In Syria?

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Israel's crocodile tears as Putin outmaneuvers and neutralizes Netanyahu

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Polish Activists Threaten Russian Military Choir With Pots and Pans

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The Alexandrov Ensemble, one of Russia's official military choirs, complete with its own dance ensemble, is scheduled to conduct a tour of 13 Polish cities beginning next month.
Now, a group of Polish Facebook users has launched an initiative demanding that the ensemble cancel all its performances in the country, threatening that they will disrupt the concerts in any way they can should the artists decide to perform. The activists condemn the choir, which they say performs "for Putin" and, in their words, creates an inappropriate mix of culture and politics.
In their appeal, the activists recalled the successes of several earlier internet campaigns to stop Russians from moving about the country. These included the cancelation of the Russian ambassador's address at Krakow's Jagiellonian University in March, and an initiative to stop a Russian motorcycle club from driving through Poland on their way to Berlin to celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Inspired by past successes, the Facebook appeal suggests that "we can handle the Alexandrov Ensemble, too. Let's get to work!"
The activists, numbering about 1,300 so far, have already gathered the sympathy of some high profile politicians and social figures, including Law and Justice MP Malgorzata Gosiewska, who told Polish Radio that she wholeheartedly supports the initiative.
"I highly value democracy, peace and the right of people to independently choose their own path of development. I cannot agree to performances by a choir which celebrates the aggressor country and its army," Gosiewska declared.

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Russia rejects “a No-Fly Zone” on Syrian territories, Bogdanov says

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Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel

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Iran, Pakistan and Russia have cheapest mobile internet

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Situation in and around Lake Baikal close to catastrophic

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