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Europe is following Obama – washing its hands of Palestine and why

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My headline is a response to recent comments made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a joint press conference in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the decision of the Cameron government in the UK to make boycotting goods from “Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank” by publicly-funded bodies including local councils and universities a criminal offence.
Much to the delight of Netanyahu who has rejected a French initiative to convene a regional conference to try to get a peace process going, Merkel said, “Now is certainly not the time to make really comprehensive progress.”
She added:
“The European Union, and Germany as a member state, is very concerned about seeing things realistically. (My emphasis added). We know the threat of terrorism that Israel has to endure. We believe, on the other hand, that we have to advance a process of peaceful coexistence, and this, according to our opinion, is ultimately built on a two-state solution.”
In my view Merkel’s words were, to say the least, disingenuous. (My dictionary definition of that term is “not frank or open; merely posing as being frank or open; crafty, devious.”)
If Merkel and all other European leaders and their governments had any interest in acknowledging the reality on the ground in Israel/Palestine they would refrain from describing the attacks by individual Palestinians on Israeli Jews over recent months as terrorism.

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Israel’s shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians

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Israel’s use of live ammunition and a shoot-to-kill policy has claimed at least 146 Palestinian lives and injured thousands more since the beginning of October.
Such ruthlessness and criminality are part of its broader strategy of engineering the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, breaking up the occupied West Bank into a number of different cantons, bringing them under its direct control, and reducing the number of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, in pursuit of its expansionist schemes.
Around 46 Palestinians have been killed during demonstrations and clashes with the security forces by a single shot to the head or chest, a clear indication of a shoot-to-kill policy. Others died from wounds inflicted by teargas canisters or rubber-coated steel bullets.
This does not include the killing of more than 90 alleged Palestinian assailants whom the security authorities held responsible for 21 lethal and other stabbing, stoning, shooting and car ramming attacks on Jewish Israelis. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a further 1,887 Palestinians have been wounded by live ammunition and 3,105 by rubber-coated bullets, while around 10,000 have been treated for teargas inhalation.
A senior Israeli military official told the Washington Post that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians killed in recent clashes were shot at by M-16-type rifles or other weapons. M-16s are automatic high-velocity assault rifles that have 30-round magazines and a 600-metre target range.
Such a statement is tantamount to admitting that Israel has a policy of summary execution.

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Arrest of child in Aida refugee camp, Occupied West Bank

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Palestine Day of Independence!

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Hamas says Britain must apologize for Balfour Declaration carving up Palestine

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Israel: Racist mob lynches migrant as violence intensifies

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Netanyahu causes uproar by blaming Palestinians for Holocaust

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Israeli prime minister under fire for suggesting that a World War II-era Palestinian leader convinced the Nazis to adopt their Final Solution to exterminate European Jews.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, was accused of inciting violence against Palestinians and “trivialising" the Holocaust after he claimed it was the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem who convinced Hitler to exterminate the Jews.
Speaking at the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Mr Netanyahu said Haj Amin al-Husseini, who served as the grand mufti from 1921 to 1948, “had a central role in fomenting the final solution” by telling Hitler to kill the Jews.
The comments, which come amid a deepening outbreak of violence in Israel and the West Bank, drew an immediate backlash from both Palestinian and Israeli Arab leaders and Israeli Holocaust experts.
Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Arab Joint List faction in the Knesset, accused Mr Netanyahu of "rewriting history in order to incite against the Palestinian people".
He denounced Mr Netanyahu as "dangerous" for both Israelis and Palestinians, adding: "The victims of the Nazi monster, among them millions of Jews, have become cheap propaganda in the service of peace rejectionism."
Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said the Israeli prime minister was absolving "the most notorious war criminal in history".
“This is a dangerous distortion of history, and I demand that Netanyahu correct this immediately since he is trivialising the Holocaust,” Isaac Herzog, the leader of Israel’s opposition, wrote on Facebook.
Berlin also weighed in on the row, saying the responsibility for the holocaust laid with Germany.

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Israel vs. Palestine on Times Square

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The Battle for Al-Aqsa

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By Dr. Elias Akleh
The new generations of Palestinians are fed up with the 67 years old Israeli occupation, colonial state violence and ethnic cleansing, settlers’ colonization, apartheid racism and discrimination, checkpoint humiliations, wars, home demolitions, land confiscations, imprisonments, international bias and injustice, abandonment by their brethren Arabs, and oppressed by the Israeli proxy Palestinian Authority.
Since the beginning of this month (October) we have been witnessing on social media horrific videos of vicious attacks by Israeli soldiers, extremist religious settlers, and even seemingly Israeli civilians shouting “Death to Arabs” while gunning down Palestinian children demonstrators, insulting them and watching them in vigilante gleeful mood bleeding to death.
Palestinian youth have been demonstrating in the streets of every Palestinian town against the religiously extremist Jewish settlers’ violations of the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque; the third holiest Islamic site after Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca and Al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina in Saudi Arabia.
Religiously extremist Jewish settlers have been increasingly storming Al-Aqsa Compound under the protection of Israeli soldiers, where they perform their religious dances. During these provocations the Israeli soldiers routinely attack Al-Aqsa guards and Moslem prayers with stun grenades, tear gas and with rubber coated steel bullets. In their attempt to evacuate the mosque the Israeli soldiers break down doors and windows. These violations had ignited what many are calling a third Palestinian Intifada (uprising).

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Gun-wielding gang of Israeli settlers attack British volunteer in West Bank

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‘A man stood no more than four feet from me and threw this rock which hit me on the back of the head’, Mr Amos told The Independent
A 66-year-old British man volunteering in the West Bank has been hospitalised after being attacked by a gang of gun-wielding Israeli settlers hurling rocks at him.
David Amos, a retired publishing company worker, was struck in the head by a rock as he tried to protect Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest.
He was evacuated from the area by ambulance and taken to a hospital in Nablus, where he received five stitches.
He told The Independent the group of settlers came down a hill from the direction of the Yizhar settlement towards Palestinian farmland near the village of Burin where he and two other British women. ”There were eight or nine of the settlers, all masked and they were carrying large rocks.”
Mr Amos said that the settlers fired gunshots as they approached, causing him to sit on the ground and yell to his colleagues to take cover. ”They were shouting at us ‘go’ in English and also shouting in Hebrew. A man stood no more than four feet from me and threw this rock which hit me on the back of the head. I was sitting upright and I fell over on my side and then he and two others kicked me. The women were shouting ‘we are British’ so they knew we were British before the rock was thrown.”
Mr Amos said the settlers also set fire to undergrowth. ”There was already a fire burning by the time they threw the stone at me. They set fire to more trees and undergrowth as we made our way away from the olive grove. They pursued us but they didn’t come and attack us again.” A Palestinian farmer was also wounded by stone throwing in the same incident, Mr Amos said.
Mr Amos said he would file a complaint with Israeli police even though such complaints very rarely lead to indictments. Mr Amos, a Quaker, came to the West Bank with the British group, the Olive Harvest Trust, which he says is an organisation committed to nonviolence and to protecting Palestinian olive farmers.
Palestinian eye-witnesses claimed that the group of farmers was attacked and had stones thrown at them.

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Extracted from "Palestine: Story of a Land", by Simone Bitton

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Murdered In Cold Blood: More Israeli Atrocities

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Let’s not mince words. Israel is a fascist police state, masquerading as a democracy. How can it be otherwise when state terror is official policy, when soldiers, police and Zionist zealots brutalize and murder Palestinians unaccountably, and when institutionalized apartheid exceeds the worst done by the old South African regime.
Palestine is a free-fire zone, unsafe to live in for Arabs. Israeli security forces rampage with impunity, licensed to kill at their discretion, taking full advantage, rewarded for shocking brutality.
In the last five days alone, three Palestinian youths were gunned down in cold blood, two aged 13. Another 500 were injured, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).
It declared a state of emergency in the West Bank and East Jerusalem following days of Israeli violence in Occupied Palestine — an endless pogrom of racist hate, violence, mass arrests and cold-blooded murders.
Israel enforces vicious occupation harshness, waging war on an entire population. Since last week, dozens of Palestinians were shot with live fire. Numerous others were physically assaulted.
Tensions were high following Israeli soldiers and police desecrating the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Islam’s third holiest site) multiple times in recent days – damaging it deliberately, brutalizing peaceful worshipers and making numerous arrests.
Abused Palestinians responded justifiably to provocative Israeli tear gas, rubber bullets, live fire, beatings and other forms of abuse, using stones and empty bottles – hardly a fair fight.
PCHR said over 170 Palestinians were wounded or killed by “live bullets and shrapnel in Jerusalem.” Israeli collective punishment policy willfully targets defenseless civilians.
World leaders able to stop these horrors do nothing more than urge both sides to “show restraint” – effectively condoning Israeli violence.
Netanyahu is a fascist thug, calling legitimate Palestinian resistance terrorism, vowing no letup in extreme police state violence.

80 percent of Americans support these killers.

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The question of the third intifada

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Israeli gunmen kidnap patient from Palestinian hospital

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British Government: Benjamin Netanyahu immune from arrest

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MK to join third Gaza-bound flotilla, warns Israel not to intercept it

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Burns caused by white phosphorus used by Israeli occupation in Gaza

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New evidence from 1967 war reveals Israeli atrocities

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