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US Vice-President Biden’s Son Continues to Buy Gas Assets in Ukraine

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Entrepreneur Hunter Biden has acquired equity securities of a company in the country which his father, Vice-President of USA Joe Biden, called the most corrupt in the world.
An American businessman is increasing his assets in the energy sector of Ukraine through a third party.
According to available information, the Canadian firm Serinus Energy sold a 70 percent stake in KUB-Gas Holdings Limited company Resano Trading Ltd for $30 million – an affiliate of one of the largest Ukrainian gas companies Burisma Holdings.
As a reminder, in April 2014, Hunter Biden joined the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings. It is noteworthy that the British side had frozen their bank assets worth $23 million, allegedly belonging to the ex-Minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevsky. Moreover, the cancellation of this judicial decision caused outrage from the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt.
“Leaving this matter to the National anti-corruption Bureau was my decision, because when I met with our international partners, I was frequently asked questions about the legality of the withdrawal of the arrest of the accounts of Zlochevsky in London, and how it was possible to avoid it, if the case was investigated properly,” said the head of the National anti-corruption Bureau, Artem Sytnik.
It should be noted that during the Vice-President’s (Joe Biden) speech in Parliament, he said that it was impossible to find another country where the “cancer of corruption” is booming at the same pace as it is in Ukraine.

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More than Forty Percent of American Children Are Living in Poverty

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All Out War on Russia’s Doorstep:

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The Merging of Government and Wall Street Into One Criminal Entity:

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Burns caused by white phosphorus used by Israeli occupation in Gaza

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Heading Towards “Financial Maidan” in Ukraine?

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Fighting the Battle Against Mainstream Media Disinformation is Fighting Against War

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US Government Planting Malicious Software On Your Phone

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America’s Post World War II Global Dominance Has Just Ended

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On March 22nd, I headlined “Why the Western Alliance Is Ending,” and I listed the recent events which indicate that the Western Alliance doesn’t have much longer to go. And, now, it has actually already ended. The handwriting is on the wall, for everyone to see; it’s so out-in-the-open, as of today.
Here is what has just happened (as reported in German Economic News, and translated by me), which virtually brings down the curtains on America’s dominance of the world — a dominance that started when World War II ended in 1945:

“For the first time in three years, the foreign ministers of the three countries met. They agreed on Saturday in Seoul to work towards a summit of their leaders, and to take on problems with the interpretation of history [which have separated them till now]. They also expressed their intention to continue to work for a free trade agreement and for new multi-party talks on North Korea’s controversial nuclear program.”

Here’s the important context of that: The U.S. in WW II conquered Japan, which had invaded China and conquered Korea; but, now, Japan, China and South Korea are moving toward one-another, while China, and indirectly the BRICS group of rising economic powers as a whole — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are making their move past the previous U.S.-European control of the world. Furthermore, these Asian powers are collectively inviting North Korea to move toward them, and to join this group, which would finally bring an end to the stalemated hostilities between South and North Korea. So: welcome to the 21st Century!

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Israel’s “Every Day Terrorism”, Crimes against Palestinian Children

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The CIA Secret Prisons in Europe. Washington’s “European Partners in Crime”

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President Obama Declares Venezuela “A Threat to National Security”

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Google Moving to Shut Down Alternative Media...

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Science as the New Religion

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So this is where WW3 will officially start!

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Is Boko Haram a CIA Covert Op to Divide and Conquer Africa?

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Ukraine agrees to Monsanto land grab for $17 billion IMF loan

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War in Ukraine: who wants war? And who doesn’t?

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