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Obama Backs Turkey Against Syrian Government, PKK in Call to Erdogan

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TPP: What You Need to Know About One of the World’s Biggest Trade Deals

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After more than six years of negotiations, trade ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries have come to an agreement over the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
The deal, representing 40 percent of the global economy, will slash trade barriers and ensure a common set of standards are met among member countries Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and the US.
Government and big business officials have praised the deal, however there has also been widespread opposition to the TPP, with trade unions and human rights activists concerned over the impacts it will have on local businesses and workers' rights.
Here are some of the crucial things you need to know about the TPP...

TPP Deal Limits Access to Affordable Medicines
US Senator Sherrod Brown said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal limits access to affordable medicines and will have serious consequences for the US and global health standards.

TPP Represents 'New Low' in Corporate Dominance of US Trade
TPP was negotiated in secret by multinational corporations that have no allegiance to any country, which will provide jobs to nations that lack basic human rights and labor standards such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Mexico.

TPP Deal to Continue Offshoring US Jobs
Communication Workers of America (CWA) Communications Director Candice Johnson said that the TPP deal will still give corporations extra authority in enforcing their business rights.

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West Couldn’t Care Less About Ukraine

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Polish Activists Threaten Russian Military Choir With Pots and Pans

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The Alexandrov Ensemble, one of Russia's official military choirs, complete with its own dance ensemble, is scheduled to conduct a tour of 13 Polish cities beginning next month.
Now, a group of Polish Facebook users has launched an initiative demanding that the ensemble cancel all its performances in the country, threatening that they will disrupt the concerts in any way they can should the artists decide to perform. The activists condemn the choir, which they say performs "for Putin" and, in their words, creates an inappropriate mix of culture and politics.
In their appeal, the activists recalled the successes of several earlier internet campaigns to stop Russians from moving about the country. These included the cancelation of the Russian ambassador's address at Krakow's Jagiellonian University in March, and an initiative to stop a Russian motorcycle club from driving through Poland on their way to Berlin to celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Inspired by past successes, the Facebook appeal suggests that "we can handle the Alexandrov Ensemble, too. Let's get to work!"
The activists, numbering about 1,300 so far, have already gathered the sympathy of some high profile politicians and social figures, including Law and Justice MP Malgorzata Gosiewska, who told Polish Radio that she wholeheartedly supports the initiative.
"I highly value democracy, peace and the right of people to independently choose their own path of development. I cannot agree to performances by a choir which celebrates the aggressor country and its army," Gosiewska declared.

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The Rise of the Inhumanes

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'It's a Genuine Tragedy,' But We Won't Take Syrian Refugees: US Spokesman

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Best Friends Forever? Terrorist Groups Benefiting From Clinton Support

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Poroshenko’s Time is Almost Up – German Media

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After the Bailout: The Spoils of Greece Are Bound for Germany

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The 'Asset Development Plan' for Greece is out and it's all go for the privatization of the country. Hellenic sea ports, air ports, motorways, petroleum companies, water and gas supply, real estate, holiday resorts - it's all for sale.
Debt laden Greece has been forced to sell the family silver in an all too familiar tale with ancient history repeating itself.
The Hellenic Public Asset Development Fund has been published by German Green MEP Sven Giegold who said the Greek people "hardly know" what will be sold off and that they have "the right" to know.
The selling of Greek assets to raise $56 billion (€50bn) was demanded by Greece's creditors, the Troika. The document reveals that 66 percent of a gas distribution and processing firm will be sold to Azerbaijan; 35 percent of Greece's first oil refinery firm will be sold off along with 17 percent of its electricity distributor and 65 percent of gas distributor Depa.
All rail and bus services will go under the hammer — along with the Greek telephone and postal service
Even before the bailout deal was completed and the money arrived safely in the Greek banks, the Germans had won their bid to take over 14 Greek airports for the next 40 years, paying $1.36 billion (€1.23bn) for the privilege.
FRAPORT will own and operate Greece's most popular tourist island airports.
Nick Dearden, economic expert and campaigner, says it makes "no sense to sell off valuable assets in the middle of Europe's worst depression in 70 years."
"The self-interest of European governments in forcing these policies on Greece leaves a particularly unpleasant flavour…workers will be sacked and their conditions made worse, while the elite of Europe profits."
It seems ancient history is repeating itself.
In 1871, the ancient Greek city of Troy was crudely excavated by German businessman and archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann using dynamite which destroyed many significant artefacts; his exploration methods condemned.
But the spoils of Troy always remained in Schliemann's hands — who in 1884 handed the entire collection to Berlin. Today's Greek spoils are in the hands of the Troika
which will oversee every deal made and decide where the money goes.

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US Holds Secret Talks With Russia on Middle East Behind EU’s Back

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South Korean Sets Himself Ablaze During Anti-Japan 'Comfort Women' Rally

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Austrian Campaigners Start Collecting Signatures in Support of EU Exit

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Poroshenko Hands Over Roshen Share to Rothschild Under Trust Deal

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NATO Begins Huge Sea and Air Campaign in Baltic Region

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Michigan City Raises Citizens’ Taxes to Pay for Police Brutality

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Anti-War Activist: West Hooked Ukraine on Loans, Like a Junkie on Drugs

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The War on Yugoslavia: The Real Face of American ‘Diplomacy’

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Clinton's Charity Ties With Oligarchs Behind Ukrainian Coup Revealed

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US Doing Everything to Prevent a New Russian Superpower - French Newspaper

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Ecuador’s President Accuses CIA of Involvement in Opposition Protests

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