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Goal of "Refugee" Invasion is Civil War in Europe and new World War

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70% of Iraqi asylum seekers abandon Finnish asylum process to return home

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Orbán: Europeans should “throw away political correctness” and shut down migrant inva

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Good boy, zero for conduct...
The decision of the Federal Chancellor to open our borders is high treason. A head of government does not have the right to destroy the law, the nation and the state. An appeal by Jürgen Elsässer, Editor-in-Chief of COMPACT Magazine..
(Dear reader, please pass this appeal on to soldiers and distribute it on social networks).
Soldiers of the Bundeswehr!
In your oath you swore:
“I swear serve the Federal Republic of Germany faithfully and to bravely defend the law and the freedom of the German people, so help me God.”
In contrast to the Wehrmacht of the Third Reich, you have not sworn [an oath] to the person occupying the highest position of the state – previously Adolf Hitler, currently Angela Merkel – but rather to the nation as a whole and the peaceful order in which it dwells. That means: In a situation in which a menace to the nation and its freedom emanates from the state leadership, you are longer bound by the orders of this state leadership.
This situation has now arrived. Regarding all the fatal decisions of the German Federal government in recent years – such as the so-called rescue of the Euro and building of a new front against Russia – there can be differing opinions. In any case these decisions did not pose an imminent threat to Germany and they are in the case of a political [Bewusstwerdung] still correctable.
In the current situation though acute dangers threaten the nation and the state to which you have sworn loyalty. With the recent decision of the Federal Chancellor in favor of an unconditional opening of the borders, the existence of both of these is put at risk: The torrent of millions of aliens – the projection for 2015 is already unrealistic, in the future three to five million (according the former Mayor of Berlin-Neukölln, Heinz Buschkowsky / SPD) are expected – cannot be coped with. Mrs. Merkel is obviously intent on continuing this policy of destruction. On Friday she stated: “The law on political asylum recognizes no limitation: it applies also to the refugees who are coming to us form the hell of civil war.” With that, she has invited the citizens of the war-torn states of Africa and the Near East, to as far away as Afghanistan and Pakistan to come to Germany.
Meanwhile the mere registration of those entering the country through Munich has become impossible. The police can no longer tell us who is coming in, or if there are criminals and terrorists among them. The new arrivals are only partially remaining in the reception camps, while many others immediately go underground.
This means: We are already in an emergency situation. The German Federal Government has lost control – or to put it better, has intentionally abdicated its control. With that it has lost its legitimacy! Even the otherwise pro-government Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung declared in its leader article of last Saturday: “If at present decisions are being taken, with effects that are not controllable, the question of that government’s legitimacy s raised. With justification the Federal Constitutional Court ruled, in the matter of European unification, that under the constitution Germany may not dissolve itself as a state. No German Federal Government is thereby competent to overturn the state order [lit: “lift it off its hinges.”]
But that is exactly what is taking place: The German Federal Government is dissolving the state through its stimulation of an uncontrolled flood of humanity and is overturning the state order. In this situation it is up to you, soldiers of the Bundeswehr: Fulfill your oath and defend the German people and freedom! Occupy the border stations, above all border railway stations, and close every possible crossing point, above all those from the south. Don not wait for orders from above! Discuss the situation with your comrades and take action yourselves! Only you have the means now to halt teh self-destruction that has been ordered by the Chancellor. Let your motto be the headline from the FAZ leader article that I cited above: “Germany must remain Germany!”

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