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Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel

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The biggest city in Brazil and in Latin America has just banned Uber

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Israel is shipping its deported Africans off to Sweden

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Israel is in the middle of illegal alien crises with many being deported but there is a back and forth between the right of center parliament and the left-wing courts. Illegal aliens have been marching in the streets of Tel Aviv for three days in a row.
It should be noted that Saudi Arabia just deported 120,000 illegal aliens from Ethiopia in one month’s time. They simply rounded them up, fenced them in, and forced Ethiopia to come get them at their own expense.
Israel is transporting an undisclosed number of Africans to Sweden in a deal brokered by the UN. “Dozens” have already arrived in Sweden. Each is given a $3,500 “grant” by Israel.
Swedes, who already face massive immigration problems, fear that this will only be the tip of the iceberg. Sweden is a tiny nation of only 9.5 million. Already, a shocking 2 million are non-Swedes. Swedes also have one of the lowest birthrates in Europe. About 530,000 are non-European immigrants. In 2013 Muslims rioted in Sweden for a week straight causing massive amounts of damage. As a strike by tens of thousands of African asylum seekers against Israel’s migration policies entered its third day on Tuesday, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced that dozens of Eritrean asylum seekers had left Israel voluntarily in recent weeks for Sweden.
The announcement did not specify the number of those who had left for Sweden. The majority were apparently women, many of whom had been victims of torture and human trafficking and who had been imprisoned in Israel for a long time. Sweden agreed to take them in response to a special request by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and to include them in a resettlement plan, due to their special circumstances.
Tens of thousands of migrants stayed away from work Tuesday, as the strike went into its third day. Many of them gathered at Levinsky Park, in south Tel Aviv, to discuss their future action. Among the moves considered were marching toward Jerusalem, Saharonim prison and the Holot detention center in the Negev.
The protest leaders have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday afternoon, during which they are expected to announce what further steps will be taken.

The Jewish Supremacists argue that having non-Jews in Israel “threatens the Jewish nature of the state.”

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Expose 9/11 Myths – Official Trailer Movie release date: September 11, 2015

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French Castles Cheaper to Rent Than San Francisco Apartments

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14% of U.S. households struggle to put food on the table

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Kuwait & Israel Admit They Refuse to Take ‘Refugees’ Because Migrants Don’t Assimilat

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Current military lab concerns involve plague bacteria, deadly viruses!

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Undercover Video Show Hillary Campaign Breaking Election Law

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Federal seizure program that benefits cops called ‘legal robbery’

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DHS Targets Library for Supporting Anonymous Internet Browsing

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The Rise of the Inhumanes

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'It's a Genuine Tragedy,' But We Won't Take Syrian Refugees: US Spokesman

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Iran, Pakistan and Russia have cheapest mobile internet

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Situation in and around Lake Baikal close to catastrophic

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After workers in Silicon Valley filed a lawsuit...

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Who do so many new-born babies die unnecessarily in America, the City on a Hill?

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Something Just Happened In The Silver Market

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China Dumps U.S. Debt Amid Economic Turmoil

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