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To Provoke War, Cheney Considered Proposal To Dress Up Navy Seals As Iranians And...

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UK military experts allegedly aiding Saudi military campaign in Yemen

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‘This is a mini-Chernobyl’: LA County supervisor on California methane leak

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The California gas company responsible for the storage site where methane has been leaking from a damaged well for over two months has promised action to stop the breach, while a Los Angeles County supervisor has branded the situation a “mini-Chernobyl.”
SoCal Gas said it was working on a plan to siphon off and safely burn some of the leaking methane, a crisis which has led to months of protests and the displacement of thousands of families in the Los Angeles County community of Porter Ranch. The gas has also leaked into homes and schools.
The breach has steadily sent 62 million cubic feet of methane gas into the air every day since October 23, according to an estimate from the Environmental Defense Fund. Methane is 80 times more potent as a warming agent than carbon dioxide.
Since first being noticed by workers at Aliso Canyon, the location of the storage site, repeated attempts to stop the leakage have proved unsuccessful, leaving gas billowing downhill into Porter Ranch, where some 30,000 people live.
At a public hearing over the weekend, scientists, campaign groups, and residents of Porter Ranch said the gas company and California authorities had been slow to recognize the magnitude of the problem, or warn the public of potential dangers.
“This is a mini-Chernobyl,” Mike Antonovich, the LA county supervisor, told the assembly, according to The Guardian.
Public health officials are concerned about the potential health effects of benzene, a known carcinogen that is added to gas in order to help detect leaks when they occur.
“For about the first three weeks of November, there were levels of benzene being sampled in the community that were considerably higher than expected in the LA basin, and were likely to be higher than the government exposure level for eight-hour exposure,” Michael Jerrett, the chair of UCLA’s environmental health sciences department, told The Guardian.
On November 10, the company recorded benzene levels nearly six times higher than the safe limits for an exposure period over eight hours, the scientist said.

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Israel got the fifth modern German submarine

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Israel’s shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians

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Israel’s use of live ammunition and a shoot-to-kill policy has claimed at least 146 Palestinian lives and injured thousands more since the beginning of October.
Such ruthlessness and criminality are part of its broader strategy of engineering the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, breaking up the occupied West Bank into a number of different cantons, bringing them under its direct control, and reducing the number of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, in pursuit of its expansionist schemes.
Around 46 Palestinians have been killed during demonstrations and clashes with the security forces by a single shot to the head or chest, a clear indication of a shoot-to-kill policy. Others died from wounds inflicted by teargas canisters or rubber-coated steel bullets.
This does not include the killing of more than 90 alleged Palestinian assailants whom the security authorities held responsible for 21 lethal and other stabbing, stoning, shooting and car ramming attacks on Jewish Israelis. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, a further 1,887 Palestinians have been wounded by live ammunition and 3,105 by rubber-coated bullets, while around 10,000 have been treated for teargas inhalation.
A senior Israeli military official told the Washington Post that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians killed in recent clashes were shot at by M-16-type rifles or other weapons. M-16s are automatic high-velocity assault rifles that have 30-round magazines and a 600-metre target range.
Such a statement is tantamount to admitting that Israel has a policy of summary execution.

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Robots Can Now Learn Household Tasks by Watching YouTube Videos

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Chinese Rover Analyzes Moon Rocks: First New 'Ground Truth' in 40 Years

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US has a plan if Ukraine collapses - Ischenko

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The Saudis Are the Genesis of Islamic Terror

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In recent weeks I have been increasingly unsatisfied by the general explanations about who is actually pulling the strings in the entire Middle East plot or, more precisely, plots, to the point of reexamining my earlier views on the role of Saudi Arabia. Since the June, 2015 surprise meeting in St Petersburg between Russian President Putin and Saudi Defense Minister Prince Salman, the Saudi monarchy gave a carefully cultivated impression of rapprochement with former arch-enemy Russia, even discussing purchase of up to $10 billion in Russian military equipment and nuclear plants, and possible “face time” for Putin with the Saudi King Salman.
The long procession of Arab leaders going to Moscow and Sochi in recent months to meet President Putin gave the impression of a modern version of the walk to Canossa in1077 of Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV to Pope Gregory VII at Canossa Castle, to beg revocation of Henry’s ex-communication. This time it looked like it was the Gulf Arab monarchs in the role of Henry IV, and Vladimir Putin in the role of the Pope. Or so it seemed. I at least believed that at the time. Like many global political events, that, too, was soaked in deception and lies.
What is now emerging, especially clear since the Turkish deliberate ambush of the Russian SU-24 jet inside Syrian airspace, is that Russia is not fighting a war against merely ISIS terrorists, nor against the ISIS backers in Turkey. Russia is taking on, perhaps unknowingly, a vastly more dangerous plot. Behind that plot is the hidden role of Saudi Arabia and its new monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, together with his son, the Defense Minister, Prince Salman.

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The Diary of Anne & Otto Frank!

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"Pitiless war": Illegal French airstrikes on Syria hit stadium, museum, clinics

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7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine

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Sun Tzu, generally considered a reliable source on Good War Ideas, said something along the lines of, "You've got to know your enemy in order to beat him, because some dudes hate being kicked in the junk and others seem to enjoy it." The difficulty we've had defeating ISIS suggests that, maybe, we don't really understand who and what the fuck they are... Fortunately, it turns out that finding out what ISIS wants is like finding out what a vegan eats: They'll tell you. Which is to say that ISIS has a magazine.
No, really. It's an actual glossy, full-color magazine called Dabiq, complete with feature articles and photo spreads. So, in the interest of understanding just what makes these violent lunatics tick, I read through 700-plus pages of this oddly well-put-together propaganda and learned...

Maybe it's not surprising that the Islamic State has a regular periodical: Every crazy group of violent assholes in the world has some sort of leaflet or zine they publish. But Dabiq, the ISIS equivalent of Time mixed with People and a Chick tract, is something very different... Every issue runs 60 to 80 pages, all of them in color and all of them laid out with clear skill and experience in graphic design...
Members of ISIS use Twitter to recruit soldiers, as well as wives; they target young and vulnerable kids in a similar manner as sexual predators. (Likely because many of them are sexual predators.)
ISIS is operating a multilingual recruitment campaign that has so far succeeded in winning them at least 25,000 foreign fighters and probably many more...

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Identified Paris Attackers Were Not Refugees

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Basij Commander: Writing Israel's Name Instead of ISIL Decodes Paris Tragedy

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Sweden Connects Israel To Paris Terror Attacks

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Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom caused friction between her country and Israel with comments she made Friday that drew a connection between the Palestinian conflict and Islamist extremism. Her remarks angered Israelis, and the director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, summoned the Swedish ambassador Monday to discuss Wallstrom’s comments.
Speaking to a Swedish TV channel shortly after the massacre in Paris, the foreign minister indicated she is concerned that Swedish youth will be radicalized to fight for the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and that the situation reminds her of Palestinians who resort to violence because they see no future for themselves.
“Of course we have cause for concern, not just in Sweden but throughout the world, because there are so many being radicalized,” Wallstrom said. “And again, it reminds us of the situation in the Middle East, where the Palestinians see that there is no future for them and have to either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”
The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem released a strong response to Wallstrom, saying that her “statements are appallingly imprudent,” and that she “demonstrates genuine hostility when she points to a connection of any kind between the terror attacks in Paris and the complex situation between Israel and the Palestinians.”
Sweden was the first European Union member to recognize Palestinian statehood, which it did in October of last year.
Sweden’s government also received a threat Monday from an unspecified source. It was not immediately clear if the threat was connected to either the Paris terror attacks or Wallstrom's remarks.

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Operation Gladio

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U.S., Turkey Joint Operation Designed To Save ISIS, Not Destroy It

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