Свободный Ион
Good boy, zero for conduct...
It seems to me entirely apt that this morning’s Cabinet session is the first one to take place on a Saturday since the Invasion of the Falklands in 1982. There’s no physical invasion this time, but the threat to our sovereignty lies just across the Channel….as opposed to the South Atlantic. And whereas last time – whatever one thinks of the Mad Handbag – we had a PM who we just knew was going to give Galtieri’s fascists a good kicking, this time we have a Prime Minister who (without being forced to by public, UKIP-driven pressure) would never have gone through this ‘renegotiation’ charade in the first place.
These are the facts:
We are being asked to decide on the deal before it’s been ratified
Real reform of EC dictatorship is completely absent from the proposals
The Government’s primary argument for staying is what might happen if we didn’t
The only other ‘reason’ is that we’ve obtained ‘a good deal’.
I’m going to return to my Life mantra again now:
“Harken not unto what they say, but watch closely how they behave”.
We’re being asked to Trust the word of these EU leaders and their apparatchiks. So for starters, we should all read these two statements out last night:
Francois Hollande: “Just because it lasted a long time it doesn’t mean that much happened.” Thanks Frankie, nice line in graceful support there.
Charles Michel, the Belgian Prime Minister: “We are very, very far from the initial British position that wanted to create a discrimination.” Dave removes knife from front, flies back to London.
The EC, eurogroupe and ECB (all unelected mobsters) have an abysmal track-record when it comes to the keeping of words and obedience to the law: Lisbon Treaty referendums, ambushing Yanis Varoufakis, Juncker’s bullying in Cyprus, Draghi subordinating Greek bondholders, endless lies from Schäuble about Greek debt levels, the Portuguese economy, the Spanish banking system, using Stournaras at the BoG to destabilise Athenian banks….their loveliness goes on and on.
None of this is being changed or even addressed: the Euronauts will continue on their road to FiskalUnion Hell, and our opting out clause about even this is shot full of holes...

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